The company

Webspot is a privately held IT system integrator in Bucharest, Romania. Founded in 2006, Webspot has grown to be one respected IT system integrator and services provider. We service many industries, including banking, software development, mobile services providers, transportation, governmental, legal, non-profit, financial, and manufacturing. Webspot currently provides IT services throughout Romania and neighboring countries. We have an strong commitment to providing our customers quality, cost effective solutions based on proven technologies and products. Our focus on quality is developed within every staff member of ours sales and technical teams. At Webspot, we understand that different industries face different challenges and each company is unique from that point view. With more than 15 years of experience, the chances are we’ve already seen and solved most of your challenges.

Our approach

By delivering high level technology services, Webspot is providing a top level of attention and detail in our industry. We maintain a 24/7 support center that is individually personalized to each client. We work assiduously with our clients to customize our response times, SLA plans and remote support to meet the needs of their business. Webspot understands that each client is different, so we do not build our service on a “one size fits all” type of model.

Webspot seeks to create a confident work environment that rewards exceptional performance, provides opportunities for career growth, supports professional development and appreciates the exceptional talents each employee contributes to the company.

Corporate view

Our corporate view is to practice service delivery at its best. We strongly believe customers deserve a top service experience based on best practices and proven methodologies. We like to consider ourselves an extension of our customer’s team and an integral part of their business.